CBC/Radio-Canada’s Board of Directors has selected the Broccolini group to build the new Maison de Radio-Canada in Montreal, which will be fit-up and leased to CBC/Radio-Canada. Groupe Mach is to purchase the western part of the large property currently occupied by the public broadcaster’s facilities. As part of this extensive revitalization project, Groupe Mach’s current plan calls for the Radio-Canada tower to be preserved, but converted for new use. These two transactions were approved by the government in April 2017. The construction of the new Maison de Radio-Canada should be completed by early 2020. The five-year capital plan reflects the cost of the new facility fit-up for our use and the acquisition of technical equipment.

As we complete the second year of our strategic plan, the number of properties owned by the Corporation has been reduced from 18 to 16 following the completion of the Moncton and Matane projects. The Iqaluit relocation project was also completed, with staff moving to a newly built, right-sized, modern facility at the end of November 2016. The area reduction represented by these three projects combined is approximately 55,000 rentable square feet.

Strategy 2020 performance metrics


Refer to our Accountability Plan section for explanations about our Infrastructure results this year.

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