Accountability Plan


In 2016-2017, we introduced additional performance indicators to measure the incremental impact of the government’s reinvestment in two key areas: expanding our digital presence and increasing services to local markets. Two targets were established to measure our performance against expectations: one at the beginning of the reinvestment period in 2016-2017 (“Year 1”) and one in 2020-2021 (“Year 5”) of the reinvestment.

The government reinvestment allows us to strengthen our digital and local presence. As a result, we continue to progress towards our long-term targets with our platforms attracting more visits by more Canadians. In 2017-2018, the total number of interactions with CBC/Radio-Canada and local services increased year-over-year, recording 13.3 million and 0.9 million more visits respectively since last year.


Additional monthly digital interactions (indicator 1) - Driven by the enhancements to our digital services, and by this year's major events such as the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, our platforms are attracting more visits by more Canadians. As a result, we are currently tracking above our 2020-2021 target with 15 million additional monthly digital interactions.

Additional monthly digital interactions with CBC/Radio-Canada local services (indicator 2) – With 10.3 million additional monthly digital interactions to go, we are also drawing closer to our local 2020-2021 target as we continue to increase services to markets across the country.


Indicators Year 1 Targets Year 1 Results Year 5Targets Year 2 Results Against Year 5 Targets
1. Additional monthly digital interactions with CBC/Radio-Canada1 3.0 M 21.3 M 5.1 M 15.0 M
2. Local Service – Additional monthly interactions with CBC/Radio-Canada2 750 K 4.3 M 3.8 M 10.3 M to go

Our performance metrics are evolving as the media industry continues to undergo a digital transformation. Canadians consume media content on multiple devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, smart TVs) from an ever-growing array of content providers. As media consumption habits change, audience measurement suppliers and the Corporation are refining methodologies and introducing new measurement technologies to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data gathered. Since some of these data are used to measure our strategic and operational performance, we may be required to make adjustments to targets and historical results to enhance comparability of the data.

1 Source: comScore, multiplatform measurement, monthly average visits.

2 Source: comScore, multiplatform measurement, monthly average visits; Adobe SiteCatalyst, monthly average visits.