Accountability Plan

Our Performance - MEDIA LINES

We use Media Lines reporting to measure performance against our operational targets, which mostly focus on audience reach and share through our various platforms and self-generated revenue across all our services.

While the Corporation continues to monitor the performance of its specialty television channels, we have not reported our subscribers’ results for competitive reasons.


Rick Mercer smiles next to three children from Nunavut.

Rick Mercer Report: Rick goes to Nunavut and here he is at the Shipwreck Festival at Gjoa Haven near where the Franklin Expedition's 'lost ships' were found. ©The Rick Mercer Report, CBC


More diversity across different platforms: We share more of Canada’s stories from Canadian voices.

Television launched a programming lineup showcasing a uniquely Canadian slate of new and returning original programs popular with our audiences, including Alias Grace, Burden of Truth, The Great Canadian Baking Show, Frankie Drake Mysteries, Dragons’ Den and Kim’s Convenience. The Rick Mercer Report concluded a record-breaking run with the CBC after 277 episodes, and was presented with the Academy Icon Award for its contribution to the media industry.

This was another successful year for multiplatform signature programming, including the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Games, Canadian Country Music Awards, The Giller Prize, Canadian Screen Awards, News Year’s Eve, Canada Day 150! from Coast to Coast to Coast, and the JUNO Awards, bringing Canadians together in moments of national pride, celebration and reflection.

Our commitment to owning the Canadian music experience: CBC Radio 2 is now CBC Music – one of our signature brands.

Furthering our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we showcased the incredible voices and talent of under-represented groups through the Breaking Barriers Film Fund, supporting feature films produced by women, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities and visible minorities. Three new feature films were selected for funding in the fall of 2017: Audience of Chairs, Level 1 and Red Snow. The first-ever Indigenous Screen Office was launched in collaboration with eight federal agencies and media industry organizations to support the development, production and marketing of Indigenous content. Coverage of the Toronto 2017 North American Indigenous Games was an opportunity for all of Canada to share the triumphs of Indigenous athletes competing for excellence. CBC also fostered an open discussion about sport and homophobia through Can I Play? Sports and Homophobia, showing the importance of access to sport for youth from the LGBTQ+ community. The diversity of voices was not limited by platform, with acclaimed programs like Unreserved and Out in the Open on radio, podcasts like Seat at the Table and Finding Cleo, and CBC Short Docs Queer (Self Portraits) and Twilight Dancers.

Commited to owning the Canadian music experience, CBC Radio 2 became CBC Music, seamlessly integrating music offerings across our platforms. This year CBC’s talent contest Searchlight, which seeks out fresh new musical talent from across a broad spectrum of musical genres, helped undiscovered musical stars catch a break. Finally, our JUNO 365 coverage, culminating in the JUNO awards, showcased more well-known Canadian acts.

CBC News provided leading coverage of Canadian news events and continued to enhance our foreign coverage with a uniquely Canadian perspective, including live coverage from Adrienne Arsenault inside the Raqqa ruins. Peter Mansbridge, one of Canada’s most revered journalists, retired and was recently presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Following his departure, The National moved into a new era, re-launching as both our flagship evening newscast and a digital and social enterprise, complemented by the launch of the CBC News feed.


Focus on Digital: CBC London launched a new, digital-first local station, deepening our community ties.

CBC maintained our digital momentum through investment in new and returning digital series, including The Amazing Gayl Pile, CRAWFORD and But I’m Chris Jericho. Content is more accessible than ever after the launch of the CBC TV App and other improvements to enhance CBC’s robust digital services. CBC Radio built on our podcasting success with new and returning original series, including Seat at the Table, Personal Best, Missing and Murdered, and the widely popular Someone Knows Something.

CBC’s ongoing expansion into southwestern Ontario saw the launch of CBC London. The new, digital-first local station deepens our community ties, delivering breaking news and stories all day and into the evening, online and through social media.

The increasing availability and ease of access of CBC content across platforms positions CBC as a forward-focused broadcasting leader, providing Canadians with the best content now and in the future.

Our five PyeongChang 2018 hosts pose together.

CBC/Radio-Canada's hosts for English-language coverage of PyeongChang 2018 (L-R: Alexandre Despatie, Andi Petrillo, Scott Russell, Kelly VanderBeek and Craig McMorris). ©CBC Sports

CBC 2017-2018 RESULTS

Indicators Measurements Results 2016-2017 Targets 2017-2018 Results 2017-2018 Performance against target Targets 2018-2019
Radio – new indicators starting 2017-2018
CBC Radio One and CBC Music 5-PPM Market Share All-day audience share in the 5-PPM Markets1 - 11.1% 12.8% 11.3%
CBC Radio One National Reach Monthly Average National Reach2 - 7.7 M 7.7 M 7.7 M
CBC Music National Reach Monthly Average National Reach2 - 4.5 M 4.5 M 4.5 M
CBC Television Prime-time audience share2 5.5% 5.8% 7.6% 5.6%
CBC News Network All-day audience share2 1.6% 1.5% 1.4% 1.2%
Television Local 6 PM News Average minute audience2 313 K 335 K 269 K 230 K Regional Offering Monthly average unique visitors3 10.6 M 10.8 M 9.8 M N/A4
Regional – new indicators starting 2017-2018
CBC Radio One 5-PPM Market share Morning show audience share in the 5-PPM Markets1 - 14.5% 15.1% 14.7%
CBC Radio One National Reach Morning show audience, Monthly Average National Reach2 - 3.5 M 3.5 M 3.5 M
CBC Digital Offering Monthly average unique visitors5 14.8 M 16.3 M 16.1 M 15.6 M
Conventional, specialty, online   $228 M $303 M $295 M $213 M

Our performance metrics are evolving as the media industry continues to undergo a digital transformation. Canadians consume media content on multiple devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, smart TVs) from an ever-growing array of content providers. As media consumption habits change, audience measurement suppliers and the Corporation are refining methodologies and introducing new measurement technologies to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data gathered. Since some of these data are used to measure our strategic and operational performance, we may be required to make adjustments to targets and historical results to enhance comparability of the data.

Radio – new indicators starting 2017-2018

It was a strong year for CBC Radio, with audience shares either meeting or exceeding targets, driven by the high audience levels of CBC Radio One, CBC Music local morning shows, and network programs such as The Current, q and Drive.

Reach for CBC Radio One and CBC Music met their respective targets.


Due to Canadian programming success in new original series during the regular season such as Frankie Drake Mysteries, The Great Canadian Baking Show and Burden of Truth, as well as the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, CBC TV’s prime-time audience share ended the year well above target at 7.6%.

CBC News Network’s performance softened in the latter half of the fiscal year, resulting in audience share dipping below target despite strong audience levels in the summer from coverage of the British Columbia wildfires and the Canada 150 events.


Audience levels for the TV local 6 PM news ended the regular season below target and prior year due to softening across markets, most notably in Toronto and Vancouver.

Our local digital performance was below target and prior year due to industry-wide impacts of reduced referral traffic from third party social media sites. There was also an increase in consumption of local news through an App vs desktop which is currently not included in this measure of unique visitors.

Regional – new indicators starting 2017-2018

During the morning when CBC Radio One offers the most local content, radio share and reach were well above and on par with targets, respectively, contributing to the overall positive performance of the network. CBC Radio morning programs were #1 in 20 out of 27 markets.


Despite year-over-year growth in many aspects of our digital offer, the number of monthly average unique visitors was below target due to industry-wide impacts of reduced referral traffic from third party social media sites that specifically impacted news publishers. These were partly offset by the diversification of our digital offering such as the December launch of the CBC TV App, as well as Digital Radio.


Results ended the year below target due to the continued softening of the advertising market and declines in subscriber revenues due to the ongoing cord-shaving trend.

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, actor in Kim's Convenience.

Kim's Convenience, Season 2 (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Appa). ©CBC

1 Source: Numeris, Portable People Meter (PPM), persons aged two years and older, in the Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Montreal-Anglophone markets. Local Morning Shows: Monday-Friday 6:00-8:30 AM.

2 Source: Numeris, Portable People Meter (PPM), persons aged two years and older.

3 Source: comScore Media Metrix, unique visitors, desktops (aged two years and older) and mobile devices (aged 18 years and older), April to March. Our multiplatform measure was introduced in 2016-2017. Because of limited availability of multiplatform data between April 2016 and July 2016, results for the year ended 2016-17 reflected the monthly average unique visitors from August 2016 to March 2017.

4 This measurement will continue to be monitored internally but is not a Key Performance Indicator in 2018-2019.

5 Source: comScore Media Metrix, unique visitors, desktops (aged two years and older) and mobile devices (aged 18 years and older), April to March.

6 Includes advertising revenue, subscription revenue and other revenue (e.g. content distribution). Our CBC TV regular season target for 2017-2018 includes PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games revenue, while Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday night and playoff hockey will continue to be excluded. In 2016-2017, the revenue from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games was excluded.