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Annual report 2013-2014 Going the Distance


(in thousands of Canadian dollars) For the year ended March 31
    2014 2013 % change
English Services 334,070 219,031 52.5
  French Services 157,119 145,617 7.9
491,189 364,648 34.7
Subscriber fees    
English Services 75,347 78,448 (4.0)
  French Services 57,930 57,679 0.4
133,277 136,127 (2.1)
Financing and other income    
  English Services 62,157 59,997 3.6
  French Services 40,371 46,087 (12.4)
  Corporate Services 40,836 39,206 4.2
143,364 145,290 (1.3)
TOTAL 767,830 646,065 18.8


The following paragraphs explain the revenue increase of $121.8 million (18.8 %) in 2013—2014 compared to last year.


Advertising revenue was higher by $126.5 million (34.7%) in 2013—2014 compared to 2012—2013. This was mainly due to the coverage of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games in February 2014, which generated advertising revenue on multiple platforms for both English and French Services. The return of HNIC following the NHL lockout last year also contributed to the increase in English Services’ advertising revenue. This year, CBC broadcast 42 more pre-season and regular season hockey games and three fewer playoff games than last year. However, these revenue increases were somewhat offset by the overall weakening advertising market.

Subscriber fees

Subscriber fees were lower by $2.9 million (2.1%) compared to the previous fiscal year. This decrease is mainly attributable to English Services’ sale of bold on March 25, 2013, partly offset by higher revenue in French Services from ICI EXPLORA following its launch in March 2012.

Financing and other income

Financing and other income was lower by $1.9 million (1.3%) compared to last year. This was mainly due to a $11.8 million reduction in Local Programming Improvement Fund (LPIF) contributions to both English and French Services. The fund will be fully phased out by August 31, 2014.

For English Services, the LPIF reduction was more than offset by the recognition of non-advertising Olympic revenue. For French Services, non-advertising Olympic revenue only partly offset the LPIF reduction.

Corporate Services’ revenue increased by $1.6 million (4.2%) relative to last year. This was mainly due to higher space rental revenue in Toronto, consistent with our plan to reduce the Corporation’s real estate footprint.