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Annual report 2013-2014 Going the Distance

Board activities and highlights

Over the course of 2013—2014, the Board of Directors and its committees met regularly to discuss and monitor the issues facing the Corporation, as well as to provide its mandated oversight and governance over Canada’s public broadcaster.

As part of its goal to connect with Canadians from different regions across the country, the Board held its September 2013 meeting in Saskatoon and participated in the launch of the city’s new station.

The Board’s engagement and involvement in the governance of the Corporation is far-reaching. From the earliest stages of the development of the next strategic plan, the Board has provided direct input to guide the Corporation beyond 2015. This work continues. The Board was also involved in revising the Terms of Reference for both the CBC/Radio-Canada Ombudsmen and the Broadcasting Committees to ensure compliance with conditions of licence and various collective bargaining mandates.

Additional Board actions included the review and approval of Pension Plan amendments to increase the employee share of contributions, which aligns with Federal Budget 2012; a series of Information Technology (IT) projects and transactions to increase efficiencies and modernize assets; and a variety of strategic plans related to real estate and technology.

This year, the Board also monitored CBC/Radio-Canada’s preparation and delivery of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games; the implementation management action plans (in response to the Office of the Auditor General’s Special Examination recommendations); and the CRTC licence renewal process. Moreover, the Board was kept informed of the Corporation’s evolving hockey strategy, and of the financial pressures that accumulated throughout the fiscal year.